About Us

The Vegan Outfit is an online shop which connects vegan designers and manufacturers from all around the world with conscious consumers looking for high quality, 100% animal cruelty-free products.
A solution for anyone who believes in a better world but does not want to compromise on style.
Our values
The Vegan Outfit was born to promote quality cruelty-free minimalist wardrobe. We believe that people should choose wisely, buy less, but consciously, selecting products that are ethically made and long-lasting.
When buying at fast fashion stores, we encourage and support people and animals exploitation. People are exploited in abhorrent working conditions, the animals are skinned alive so we can buy cheap clothes that we put on a couple of times and throw away. Add the fact that fast fashion is one of the top polluters in the world (among oil & gas, electricity, road transportation and livestock industries), and you have a good list of reasons to move towards more sustainable and ethical shopping.
Here in The Vegan Outfit we believe that the future of fashion will not be to dictate new trends but new, meaningful approach to clothing and accessories. We also believe that the role of designers is to provide more information about the creation and consumption of the garment/materials, not only create the urge to buy new collections every season.